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What is Natural Gas?

Natural Gas is mainly Methane - CH4 with a small percentage of other higher hydrocarbons. The ratio of Carbon to Hydrogen is least in Methane and hence it burns almost completely making it environment friendly. It is procured from the oil / gas wells and transported through a network of pipelines. This natural gas is mixed with an odorant to add odour similar to the odour of LPG from a domestic cylinder so as to facilitate detection of its leakage.

What is PNG?

PNG (Piped Natural Gas) is the natural gas supplied through polyethylene (PE) pipelines to cater to the natural gas demand of customers in various segments, i.e. Domestic / Commercial & Non - Commercial / Industrial segments.

Salient Features of PNG –

  • Un-interrupted (Continuous) natural gas supply 24 X 7 through pipeline.
  • Cheaper compared to LPG cylinders.
  • No upfront payment like LPG cylinders.
  • Higher level of safety for customers
  • 24 X 7 emergency vans
  • Get rid of booking/ordering cylinders
  • Environment friendly
  • 100% utilization
  • Convenient billing cycle (bi-monthly)

Domestic Customers

As a safer alternative of LPG cylinders, Piped Natural Gas is becoming more common amongst residential customers who use the natural gas primarily as a cooking fuel and for water heating through Gas Geyser. However, for precautions, there is a safety manual 'Do's & Don'ts' made available in case of any leakage or gas smell is observed. Please take a print and paste it at a visible place in the kitchen.

Industrial Customers

Industrial customers comprises of those natural gas customers who need natural gas for their industrial setups. They use piped natural gas mainly as a source of energy for many industry specific processes. Natural gas is mainly used in industrial applications like heating, cooling, power, processes and manufacturing. The company is in state to supply industrial PNG at Ratnagiri MIDC & Lote MIDC as per customers requirement.

Commercial customers

Commercial customers comprises of those natural gas customers who need natural gas for their Commercial setups / entities like Tea / Snacks shops, restaurants, food courts, hotels, hospitals, resorts, canteen, hostels etc.

Non-Commercial Customers

Charitable Organizations with certificate of Charity Commissioner confirming their charitable purpose / activities are categorized as Non - Commercial Customers.

What is CNG?

Compressed Natural Gas, also well known as CNG, is an auto fuel in Gaseous state. Mainly comprising of Methane (80% to 90%) CNG is low density and is compressed up to 200 bar pressure so that it can be stored in a larger capacity in the fuel tank. Hence, it is named as Compressed Natural Gas.

Some salient benefits of CNG are as below:

  • CNG is economical and one of the preferred alternative fuel sources for vehicles today
  • CNG is pollution free and is a clean burning fuel
  • CNG is colourless, odourless, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic
  • CNG is lighter than air, hence in case of leakage CNG disperses quickly into the air instead of on the ground, reducing the risk of fire and ground contamination

Ratnagiri Geographical Area

Name Of RFC Licence Number RFC Brand Contact Details
Harsha Auto's MH-08-TC-CNG-02
Lovato, Sagas Near J. K Files, MIDC Mirjole, Ratnagiri – 415639. Contact- 9822981141/9890859766
MDC Marketing MH-08-TC-CNG-06 MH-08-TC-CNG-07 Lovato A/P - Plot No. K-17, MIDC Zadgaon, Udyamnagar, Ratnagiri – 415639. Contact- 9220478675
Bandarkar Auto Works &Engg. MH-08-TC-CNG-09 BRC, Lovato Plot no A38, MIDC Mirjole, Ratnagiri – 415639 Contact- 8600875326
Sai Shraddha Motors MH-08-TC-CNG-13 MH-08-TC-CNG-14 MH-08-TC-CNG-15 MH-08-TC-CNG-16 H.R.E Green, Lovato, Mijo, Tomasetto, Motozan Shivaji Nagar, Ratnagiri Contact- 9511721553
Royal Auto Tech MH-08-TC-CNG-19 Lovato Chiplun, Lote MIDC 7021431162/7021339144
Krupasindhu Group MH-08-TC-CNG-21 MH-08-TC-CNG-22 RCL, Mijo , Zavoli BRC ,Lovato , TA At.PostWalope ,Opp. Zholai Devi Mandir ,Tal. Chiplun Dist. Ratnagiri – 415605 Contact- 7977284245 / 7378481915
Ashweera Enterprises MH-08-TC-CNG-25 MH-08-TC-CNG-26 Greeco E-38, MIDC Mirjole, Behind D-Mart, Ratnagiri – 415639

Latur and Osmanabad Geographical Area

Name Of RFC Licence Number RFC Brand Contact Details
Keshar Car Decor MH24TC-104 Tomasetto, BRC, Lovato, Mjio Vasantrao Naik Chowk, Ausa -Nanded bypass road Latur Contact- 9326777077
Green Life Auto Services MH24TC-075 MH24TC-078 Lovato, Sagas 'D' Mart Road, Ambajogai - Nanded bypass road, Latur Contact- 8983451872
Durga Auto Glass MH24TC-108 BRC, Lovato Rajiv Gandhi Chowk, besides of Guru hotel, Latur Contact- 9422291798
Kirti Auto Gas MH24TC-095 Tomasetto In front of RTO Office, Babhalgaon road, Latur Contact- 9673555655
Kumdale Services MH24TC-064 MH24TC-065 Tomasetto GarudChowk, Ausa - Nanded Bypass road, Latur Contact- 8483838306